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  • Yank Performance Converter Testimonials

    David Childress - Owner of MightyMouse Solutions

    I wanted to update you on the progress ‘MIGHTYMOUSE’ has made over the last few years. I have made many upgrades to keep ahead of the pack, converting to All Pro 6 bolt cylinder heads and an ERL ls2 block, fitting the car with a PAF 8.50 sportsman cage, stepping the rear end up to a Midwest fabricated 9” with TRZ anti-roll, wedging a 91mm t4 turbo under the car along with a 1500hp intercooler, optioning for lighter weld wheels and 15” tires, and even needed to get Jim at Transformance to go with straight cut gears in the 4l80.

    One of the only things to stay with the car along with the license plates is the torque converter. The SC3400 we put under the car in 2007 is still putting in work today, and doing a fine job I might add. It was on board for the first, second, and now THIRD LSX Shootout King of the street victory, along with a runner up in 2009 and the win at the Holley LSFest True street last year. This season again no plans to touch the converter. It has been a pleasure having such a reliable high performance component on board.

    Thanks again for a hands down GREAT product.


    Steve Alexander


    I want to say thank you for the quality converter Yank provided for my beat the heat Camaro. You converter was right where you said it would be @ 4500 stall. I don't have any before or after comparisons, but running 10.15 off the trailer when most through it would only have 10.50 in it is impressive. It looks like 9's are in the near future.

    Your choice on converter was right on, it puts me where I need to be off the line and I am not driving through it on the big end. In other words, your converter is awesome.

    I am very lucky to be able to go out and race against kids at many different tracks and run your quality products, that I can rely on time after time. I attached a few pictures and will get you some more and video as soon as I can. Thanks for the quality product and great customer support.

    Steve Alexander Illinois Beat the Heat

    Larry Hamilton


    I want to say thanks for the killer product and service over the last 2 years with my car. We have tested a few converter and you always took care of things in a timely fashion with a outstanding results. The car drove great and gave the best overall results at the track with the SS4000.

    I am more then happy with the results on the car. The key to making a package work well is the proper converter and Yank has that handled.

    396ci / LE HR cam / LT1 heads/intake / FLT Level 4 / Strange S60 / 275-60 Drag Radials / stock ECU

    best 60ft NA : 1.38

    best MPH NA : 126
    best ET NA : 10.66

    I look forward to testing the new FLT Level 7, SS3600 non-lockup converter and N20 setup this coming season... looking for 9.50's


    Larry Hamilton

    Justin May


    I wanted to send a word of thanks for making such a great product. I have been using one of your converters for 3 years (since 2010) in my ProCharged LSX True Street 1991 Firebird. The car has been a best of 8.7 @ 157mph at a race weight of 3710lbs. It has run a best 60 foot of 1.304 seconds coming off the trans brake at 2300rpm. All of this is done on Mickey Thompson 275 60 15 drag radials. I was overall runner up in 2012 LSX True Street with an excellent 3 pass average of 8.99 seconds after a 30 mile street cruise without even opening the hood! Also, the car was featured in GM High Tech Performance in March 2013.

    My favorite part about the converter is that the street manners are great; it feels tight and takes very little throttle to move the car. But on the track, it opens up and really unleashes all 1000+ hp in a very tractable and efficient way. I'm not sure how you do it but I would not change a thing about it.

    Keep it up, Justin May

    Christopher Martin


    Well as you know I've been a customer of yours for over 2 years now and do have to say that I continue to be a happy one. Whether it's just to shoot the breeze about cars in general, talk about a new setup that I think might help my car or to update you on my latest personal best I really enjoy our working relationship.

    On that note I would like to add another milestone to both our list of accomplishments - as of December 19, 2009 I now have the honor of owning (and of course driving) the fastest 6 speed automatic Corvette in the world and owe a great deal of thanks to you for that as I know I couldn't have gotten there without the SS3600 that I'm currently running in the car. Sure, the LS7 definitely helps but since I picked up a solid 4/10ths when I still had the LS2 in the car I can only imagine that the gains from the converter with this setup are probably more in the 5-6 tenths range.

    The car as you can imagine gets considerable attention at the track so whenever somebody asks me what my mods are I always make sure the converter tops the list. It's also the reason why I've sent dozens of my friends in the Corvette community to you when asked "What's the best bang for the buck mod for my Corvette?" Hands down it's definitely a Yank converter.

    Thanks again.

    Mark Bertke

    Hi Dave, Just wanted to follow up with you regarding the SS3600 converter I got from you for my 99 STS Cadillac. It works great along with the LSD I put in it. The first time I hit it off the line, it lit up both tires for about 30ft. I’m in the high 13teens at the track with Mickey Thompsons on the FRONT. Not bad for a Cadillac.

    Thanks, Mark Bertke

    Fred Slone


    I love that in car vid of Troy Lacrone's 71 Camaro on your website. I have included 2 downloadable pictures of my Camaro and my Yank Converter equipped Lightning for you. The picture of my Camaro was taken the day I bought the car brand new in September of 2000.

    The pic of my Lightning was taken at my local dragstrip as I broke in a brand new set of Mickey Thompson drag slicks. I got a line lock and your 3000 stall converter and I hit 90 mph in 3rd gear on this 10 second burnout and there was rubber everywhere, there was even rubber on the roof of my truck. It took 2 big cans of Gunk degreaser to get all of the rubber out of the wheel wells. I have a video of me layin down a 300 foot burnout in 1st and 2nd gear on the street with my old street tires. I now run Nitto drag radials on the street, thanks to you.

    Thank you.

    Pat Gish


    What a converter! I know I gave you a tall order to improve upon what was already the world's quickest stock-engine late model Impala SS, running one of your competitor's converters. You filled the bill and more. Little did I know that I'd also end up with the best street manners of any of the performance converters I've had in this car!

    Here's a summary of the 1/4 mile performance gains:

    Before: best 60' of 1.61. Best ET of 11.69 @ 115mph

    After: best 60' of 1.50. Best ET of 11.37 @ 117 mph

    The car is a 1996 Impala SS. The engine has all of the bolt-ons - intake, headers, etc. and custom PCM tuning. It is untouched internally except for better valve-springs and 1.6 roller rockers. The car weighs 4110 lbs with my in it, runs 4.10 gears, stock transmission with a shift kit and a Nitrous Express 150 hp wet shot. The car is driven everywhere, including to and from racing events.

    Thank you!