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Testimonial 2



Well as you know I've been a customer of yours for over 2 years now and do have to say that I continue to be a happy one. Whether it's just to shoot the breeze about cars in general, talk about a new setup that I think might help my car or to update you on my latest personal best I really enjoy our working relationship.
On that note I would like to add another milestone to both our list of accomplishments - as of December 19, 2009 I now have the honor of owning (and of course driving) the fastest 6 speed automatic Corvette in the world and owe a great deal of thanks to you for that as I know I couldn't have gotten there without the SS3600 that I'm currently running in the car. Sure, the LS7 definitely helps but since I picked up a solid 4/10ths when I still had the LS2 in the car I can only imagine that the gains from the converter with this setup are probably more in the 5-6 tenths range.
The car as you can imagine gets considerable attention at the track so whenever somebody asks me what my mods are I always make sure the converter tops the list. It's also the reason why I've sent dozens of my friends in the Corvette community to you when asked "What's the best bang for the buck mod for my Corvette?" Hands down it's definitely a Yank converter.
Thanks again,