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Why We're #1

Below are just a few of the things that are standard in all YANK converters, this is how we keep you on the leading edge of technology.

All Yank performance torque converters come with new Torrington bearings not used from a junkyard core.

All Yank converters are furnace brazed throughout and all 245mm models have double finned drive turbines. Which add additional strength at the tip of the blade where high horsepower cars can roll the blade over.

All Yank Models that have custom machined one piece front covers are made from solid billet steel, no castings or forgings, and are made to our specs. Our covers will not balloon under extreme heat and line pressures.

Yank also uses a one piece flanged impeller hub which gets roller burnished for long seal and bushing life. Hub pictured here is our roller burnished hub.

Yank converters also uses an extra wide oversized lockup clutch material to handle the added abuse that is being put down by more horsepower and torque. Yank has over fifteen years of lockup race converter experience. We know what works and what fails when it comes to a lockup converter.

All YANK converters come with hardened input and turbine splines standard.