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The Truth

False Claims and Promises:
The competition will tell you almost anything to beat Yank. Most of their promises and claims are impossible for the customer to verify before they buy. Only after performance goals are missed do the consumers learn the truth. Superior performance costs money. Always has, always will. With Yank, you get what you pay for. Don't be fooled into buying a converter because the company offers free stall changes. Save down-time and installation costs and buy the right converter the first time. Your wallet will thank you.

Here's a typical example of a Yank competitor with wild, untrue claims about their converter they claim to be "far superior" to the Yank Pro Thruster 4400. This company rates their stall as 4400, their STR as 3.0 and their efficiency as 98%. Boy, have they been misleading the consumer. The brand new converter was sent directly to General Motors for independent testing. General Motors found the true stall to be 5526 rpms and the maximum stall torque ratio to be 2.16. If that weren't disappointing enough, the efficiency never exceeded 89% at any rpm level below 7000 rpms. The competitor's converter generated such excessive heat, that General Motors had to test 6 times until they could get an accurate reading.
In a nutshell:
Their claim: 4400 stall, 3.0 STR, 98% efficiency, 32 lb. weight
The truth: 5526 stall, 2.16 STR, 89.81% at 7,000 rpms, 40.05 lb actual weight.
After receiving the converter back from General Motors, Yank disassembled the converter to see if it contained the promised internal components. Again, it was disappointing (from the consumer's standpoint).