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 I want to say thanks for the killer product and service over the last 2 years with my car. We have tested a few converter and you always took care of things in a timely fashion with a outstanding results. The car drove great and gave the best overall results at the track with the SS4000.
I am more then happy with the results on the car.  The key to making a package work well is the proper converter and Yank has that handled.
396ci / LE HR cam / LT1 heads/intake / FLT Level 4 / Strange S60 / 275-60 Drag Radials / stock ECU
best 60ft NA : 1.38
best MPH NA : 126
best ET NA : 10.66
I look forward to testing the new FLT Level 7, SS3600 non-lockup converter and N20 setup this coming season... looking for 9.50's
Larry Hamilton