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I wanted to update you on the progress ‘MIGHTYMOUSE’ hasmade over the last few years. I have made many upgrades to keep ahead ofthe pack, converting to All Pro 6 bolt cylinder heads and an ERL ls2 block,fitting the car with a PAF 8.50 sportsman cage, stepping the rear end up to aMidwest fabricated 9” with TRZ anti-roll, wedging a 91mm t4 turbo under the caralong with a 1500hp intercooler, optioning for lighter weld wheels and 15”tires, and even needed to get Jim at Transformance to go with straight cutgears in the 4l80.

One of the only things to stay with the car along with thelicense plates is the torque converter. The SC3400 we put under the carin 2007 is still putting in work today, and doing a fine job I mightadd. It was on board for the first, second, and now THIRD LSXShootout King of the street victory, along with a runner up in 2009 and the winat the Holley LSFest True street last year. This season again no plans totouch the converter. It has been a pleasure having such a reliable highperformance component on board.

Thanksagain for a hands down GREAT product.


2010 LSX Shootout True Street CHAMPION!!